Wednesday, July 21, 2004

What should I bring to Canada?

1. Documents: Have all of your important documents/certificates/licenses translated and bring them.
2. Your books and notes: Bring your essential books and notes. You know that books are really expensive over here. Although, even here, some people use copies of books.

3. Clothes: I think clothes are the most important thing you'd better to bring with yourself. By clothes, I mean regular trousers, jeans, T shirts, Formal and sport clothes. Don't bring many warm clothes because you won't need it. You'll buy a very good winter overcoat when you get here and all you need after is normal clothes which you can wear in normal room temperature. The main problem with clothes here is the sizing. You can hardly find something which fits you and usually you should pay about $15 to make it fit. Of course, this is my experience. I'm not sure if ladies or my tall athletic friends have the same problem.
4. Food: You don't need to bring food or any other eatable stuff :) Just bring "tanaghollat" if you like. I don know how to cook but I know that you can find almost every thing needed for any kind of Iranian food here, Halal Meat, Lappeh, Adas, Sabzie Ghormeie, Zard choube,Darchin, Limo Amani, Sauce Mahram, Ablimouie Yek-o-Yek,...You may want to bring Pistachio, Zereshk and Saffron. You may also want to bring a rice-cooker. Rice-cookers that you can find in Canadian stores are not as good as Iranian versions :) However, electricity voltage in Canada is 110V. I think a 110V Pars-Khazar rice-cooker is a good option.
It's also recommended to take a look at this page (Thanks to Hamid Younesy).  
Comments by Alireza Tadayoni
Everything that behzad has told is true, except about bringing "Sabzijat" (because he does not cook ;) ). Vegetables are VERY VERY EXPENSIVE here. A packet of only 100g of any kind of "SabziKhoshk" like "Ghorme Sabzi", "Sabzieh Polo",.... is about $3 or $4, it means 30$-$40/kg. While you can buy or make it in Iran for only 0.1$/kg. So in my opinion the most important thing you must have is "Sabzi Khoshk". Bring cloths and trousers for your mid-term use only and not long-term, because you can find cloths a much lower price that what is in Iran in auctions. I saw so many auctions in Montreal from the time I have arrived (about 2.5months). You can buy Lee trousers for only $15 or less. Or T-shirts for only $2!!!!! It's true $2....
Good Luck
Alireza Tadayoni

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