Saturday, July 31, 2004

How can I find temporary residences in Montreal?

These are a few temporary residences in Montreal recommended by Concordia University. I haven't been in any one of them but they should be good.

1. Auberge Alternative du Viex-Montreal, Tel: 282-8069
2. Auberge de Jeunesse Internationale, Tel: 1-800-663-3317843-3317
3. Auberge de la Fontaine, Tel: 597-0166, Address: 1301 Rachel E.
4. Auberge de Paris, Tel: 1-800-567-7217/522-6861, another website
5. A Montreal Oasis, Tel: 935-2313
6. Welcome Bed and Breakfast, Tel: 1-800-227-5897/844-5897
7. YWCA (women only), Tel: 866-9941, Address: 1355 Rene Levesque

Number 2 and 7 are located in very good places for SGW campus of Concordia University. You can find more in this website. Make sure to reserve a temporary residence before your arrival in Montreal.


Behzad said...

Located at the downtown of Montreal,Place Lincoln is a twelve-story apartment building of about one hundred units.Each apartment is fully furnished with separate kitchen and bathroom. It's 2 minutes walk from Concordia.

Anonymous said...

You can check this phone number:
849-8388,Ms. Wendy
It is a temprory residency in downtown which has good apartments
with suitable prices.
I have used it in my arrival to Montreal for a month.
Best regards,
Amin Mannani

Behzad said...

You can also check this one: