Friday, July 16, 2004

Living costs in Montreal

Gernerally, you can have a normal life with $7000-$10000 a year (without university tuition which is about $8000). It depends on your life style. You can compare Montreal with a few other cities here or here. More details are as follows:
Apartment: The rent will be about $300 if you share an apartment and about $500 and more, if you choose to live independently. You can check this website to find more detailed data.
Food: about $150
Transportation: $59.00 ($31.00 if you're under 25 years old). In montreal, you buy a monthly pass and you can use metro and bus services as much as you want. That's why your transportation expenses are fixed. For more information see


Bamshad said...

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farangis said...

dear behzad i should thank u for hese useful information. udo a great job, welldone. would u help me too please. what are the best universities in england for english literature? how is the job opportunity in england for students? is it true that studying in france is free? tanx

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Dear Farangis, I don know much about England and France. I can introduce my friends who study there. Please send me an email at