Thursday, July 22, 2004

Studying in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia

For those who are interested to continue their educations, one of the choices is good schools in Europe. Sweden is also one of the countries in Europe that plays the leading research in the areas of Internet and Telecommunications ( Ericsson ), Environment  and Mechanical Engineering ( Automative companies such as Volvo, SKF , Scania).

For more information about the top five university in the above mentioned fields in Scandinavia ( Sweden, Denmark ,Norway and Finland), you can check the web-sites, and look for International Masters Programs available for international students.

All the programs are in ENGLISH and there is NO Tuition fees for studying . Students must cover their living expenses approximately 700-1000 US$ per month. Deadlines vary between January to April.

Finland :
Helsinki University of Technology 

Chalmers University of Technology 
Royal Institute of Technology
Lund University of Technology 

Technical University of Denmark

Norwegian University of Science and Technology 

Best wishes and good luck  
Kamyar Kazemi-Moud


amber said...

Wow - you're blog is full of good info. It's getting hard to find blogs with useful content and people talking about study abroad these days. I have just started my Latest study abroad news blog and would really appreciate you coming by - thanks again

sepelloo said...

Hi Kymyar.
Salam.Man seifolah ghaderi hastam az iran/shiraz. emruz in poste shoma ro didam.mikhastam age momkene etelaati darbareye tahsil dar swede begiram.
Inke mishe unja kar kard va hazine zendegi ro tamin kard.
man lisanse narmafzaram va programmer hastam.
Ba tashakor.

Behzad said...

Please check Apply Abroad website or Iran Canada 2003 Yahoo Group.

Anonymous said...

Thunderbird School of Global Management has incredible international masters programs. It's not in Sweden or anything, but still has such great programs, plus Arizona is a beautiful place to go to school at.