Thursday, January 06, 2005

Canadian Graduate School Guide

The following bilingual (Persian, English) website can be usefull for the Iranian students who are applying to canadian schools:
Explanations from the website developers:
This website contains information regarding applying for and attending graduate schools, specifically for students in Canada and the United States. For many undergraduates, the decision to attend a Graduate school is one that occupies most of their last year and is a difficult one.

It should be noted that while there is no magical guide that would guarantee your acceptance into graduate school, this guide will attempt to concisely give you important tips and information that are essential for successful graduate school applications.

Please note that each university usually has its own set of requirements. This guide only attempts to provide tips and information regarding the components which are most common in all graduate school applications.


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koosha said...

با سلام و احترام.
من تازه شروع كردم اگه دوست داشتيد سري بزنيد خوشحال ميشم.اگه قابل دونستيد لينك بديد ممنون ميشم. در هر صورت موفق باشيد.

D A R A said...


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D A R A said...

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milad said...

How can i find a ranking of electronic Eng. faculties rankings? (or their reasearch fields)

Behzad said...

I have not seen such a ranking for Canadian universities.

پـروانـه اسمـاعیـل زاده said...

Wow ! great pictures

mitra said...

what a nice blog ! It is realy helpful

Rihana peiman said...

Im in iran now. I have an acceptance for master in canada, it starts may 12.
I need your help to connect me with one of your new students,
To see which embassy i have to go, is better in ankara or istanbul , and how long it will takes. I hope you can share your experoence with me.
Thank u 4 ur help
Rey my email